Libotoy-UK Monster Pub by Sistalk App Download & Guide


Thanks for buying Monster Pub Toys from us!

We know you are happy with our unbeatable prices. Please read the following quick guide for App connection with your 

Dr. Whale, Mr. Devil, or Master Godzilla  

How to connect Monster Pub Toys to Monster Pub App: 

1. Please Fully charge the product before first use (charging light stops flashing and stays on)

2. Do not turn the product on/off while charging

3. Bluetooth must connect via the App - DO NOT connect via Bluetooth devices list directly

4. Please allow the App access to the location and media for connection

5. Input 000000 if a pin is required

6. If stuck with the WAVE CARD, please change your phone font size to Small in phone settings. Open the App again to skip the WAVE CARD (and change your font setting back)

7. Choose remote control mode instead of gesture mode to control over long distance

**  Some Android devices might have connection issues due to the phone modes/android versions. This is due to the complication of the android system itself and the newest version of the app. If your android device cannot get the App connected to the product, please just contact us. We can help to sort this out :)