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Amoreane Massage Candle

Scented massage candleMade from Soybean oil which is moisturising and gentle on the skin and Glyceryl StearateBurn time 5/6 hoursEach candle comes in ...
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Intt Massage Gel

Kissable Aperol drink-flavoured gel with a warming sensation for relaxing massages, oral sex, and sensual foreplay.  Kissable mint-flavoured gel for r...
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Love Luxy Pull And Play Game

50 tickets for daring couples!Simply take a task card from the box. Both of you must pull from an end so you both get to keep your half. Silently read...
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Glow in the Dark Sex Game

Sex is not only naughty and fun with the lights on.The couples game Glow in the Dark is luminous and gives the opportunity for titillating play and ne...
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You & Me Fun Game

A beautifully presented game that really is all about you (two)! But will it be "you or me" who enjoys the undivided attention of their partner? Only ...
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Love Luxy Truth Or Dare Game

A game of truth or dare for 2 or more players. Just be honest or dare to challenge, everything is allowed in this game!A roll of the die will tell you...
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Fetish Fun Game Board Game

Fetish Fun is perfect for those of you who either have experience or is curious about role-playing and gentle bondage.Find your inner dominance and sl...
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Oral Fun Game Board Game

Invite your partner to a fun and kinky evening with the Oral Fun game - a feast for both the body and the eyes.With this erotic board game, you will n...
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Our Sex Game Board Game

The Our Sex Game Board Game is everything you need for an erotic evening brimming with passion.Take the opportunity to communicate with one another an...
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Monogamy Erotic Board Game

Dim the lights, turn off the phone, and get ready to have a hot affair with your partner as you play through the sensual and erotic Monogamy board gam...
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Fondle Board Game

Players stand on their chosen coloured footprints wearing their matching coloured glasses. Players take turns spinning. That player then has to do wha...
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Beer Boobs Drinking Game

The No.1 Drinking Game World Wide!Perfect for hen, stag, birthday or student parties and all other adult parties filled with laughs and jokes!How to p...
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Love Luxy Secret Levels Game

The combination game that will lead you to the kinkiest rewards! This game from Secret Play has 3 round tins and each one corresponds to a different i...
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