Satisfyer Pearl Diver / Curvy Trinity / Cutie Heart / Orca / Pro 4 Couples / Supernova / Pro 1+ Clitoral Sucker Vibrator


Satisfyer Pearl Diver / Curvy Trinity / Cutie Heart / Orca / Pro 4 Couples / Supernova / Pro 1+ Clitoral Sucker Vibrator

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Satisfyer Pearl Diver Clitoral Stimulator & Vibrator

The Satisfyer Pearl Diver in a playful shell design provides sensual clitoral stimulation. 2 motors, the combination of pressure waves and vibration as well as the compact design make it an ideal companion for on the go.pearl-diver.png

The Satisfyer Pearl Diver pampers the clitoris with 2 separately controllable motors and pressure waves as well as vibration. The attachment head of the vibrator fits snugly around your pleasure pearl and is made of body-friendly silicone, which is hygienic and gentle on the skin. You have the choice between 11 pressure wave and 12 vibration programs, which can be combined with each other and thus leave nothing to be desired.
The pressure wave vibrator has a playful shell design and is therefore ideal for beginners. Thanks to its compact shape, the lay-on vibrator fits comfortably in your hand. In addition, it can be easily transported when travelling or on the go and does not take up much space in your handbag or suitcase.

As you would expect from a pearl diver, the Satisfyer Pearl Diver is not afraid of moisture. The pressure wave vibrator is waterproof (IPX7) and also provides sensual clitoral stimulation in the shower or bath. After your playtime, it can be cleaned under warm water with mild soap. You can recharge the integrated batteries with the included USB charging cable.

Satisfyer Curvy Trinity 2 Clitoral Stimulator & G-Spot Vibrator

The silicone Satisfyer Curvy Trinity 2 offers you maximum versatility with 3 motors and 2 separately controllable functions and pampers both the clitoris and the G-spot with vibrations and pressure waves.curvy-trinity-3.png

The Satisfyer Curvy Trinity 2 is the perfect sexual wellness device for those who are undecided - because it scores highly with several functions and application zones! As a pressure wave vibrator, it pampers the clitoris, while as a G-spot vibrator, it caresses your hot spot with intensive vibration programs and a tapered shaft. But that's not all, because the Curvy Trinity 2 can also be used as a lay-on vibrator thanks to the curved surface in the middle.

Its 3 power motors ensure strong vibes: The two independently controllable functions let you choose between 11 pressure wave and 12 vibration programs, while the shiny element on the back is a real eye-catcher.
Its waterproof properties (IPX7) offer further options for variety and ensure that the Curvy Trinity 2 can also join you in the shower or bath. The skin-friendly silicone encasing the entire sexual wellness device makes it feel soft and comfortable on the skin. A particular advantage of the material is that it is hygienic and can also be used without a condom. Thanks to the batteries, the pressure wave vibrator can be easily recharged if it runs out of power.
Let yourself be pampered by 3 powerful motors and enjoy your freedom with the Curvy Trinity 2!

Satisfyer Curvy Trinity 3 Clitoral Stimulator & G-Spot Vibrator

With 3 motors, the silicone Satisfyer Curvy Trinity 3 spoils all your hot spots: Use it as a lay-on vibrator, pressure wave vibrator or G-spot vibrator for total variety when you are enjoying some alone time. curvy-trinity-3.pngYou no longer have to choose between a G-spot vibrator, a pressure wave vibrator or a lay-on vibrator: you can simply get everything in one Satisfyer! It's not called the Curvy Trinity 3 for nothing, because it's a multifunctional vibrator with just one goal: to bring you to climax.
Fitted with 3 motors, it is all set up for pure variety with a high satisfaction factor. The 11-pressure wave and 12-vibration programs can be controlled separately or combined with each other.

The smooth, tapering shaft is perfect for a leisurely G-spot massage For clitoral stimulation you can use the Curvy Trinity 3 as a pressure wave vibrator. Thanks to the curved shape, this gem can also be used as a lay-on vibrator.
The skin-friendly silicone not only feels incredibly good on the skin, it is also particularly hygienic. For even more freedom when playing, you can also take the Curvy Trinity 3 into the bath or shower, because the pleasure bringer is waterproof (IPX7). The integrated rechargeable batteries not only save money and annoying battery changes but can also be easily recharged using the supplied USB charging cable.

Satisfyer Cutie Heart Clitoral Stimulator & Vibrator

The Satisfyer Cutie Heart will delight you with a playful heart shape in a compact design that is ideal for when you’re on the go. 2 motors and the combination of air-pulse waves and vibration stimulate the clitoris.

pearl-diver.pngWith its combination of air-pulse waves and vibration as well as the playful shape, the Satisfyer Cutie Heart will quickly win a place in your heart: The heart-shaped vibrator is equipped with 2 separately controllable motors that take care of your clitoris with 11 air-pulse waves and 12 vibration programs. The numerous possible combinations offer you different intensities from gentle to intense.
During use, the Satisfyer Cutie Heart sits comfortably in your hand owing to its compact shape – it’s also easy to take with you when travelling or on the go without taking up much space. Its playful design is particularly suitable for beginners. Since the lay-on vibrator is made of body-friendly silicone, it is also particularly hygienic and gentle on the skin.

Take the Satisfyer Cutie Heart along into your bath or shower and let it pamper you there: this is no problem because it’s waterproof (IPX7)! After use, you can clean the air-pulse wave vibrator with warm water and a mild soap. You can recharge the integrated batteries with the included USB charging cable.

Satisfyer Orca Clitoral Stimulator & Vibrator

Meet your new best friend: The magnificent Satisfyer Orca thrills you with powerful vibrations and sensual pressure waves - 2 strong motors for intense clitoral stimulation.


The Satisfyer Orca is a double-air pulse vibrator with a playful design and two powerful motors. It thrills you with the iconic Air Pulse Technology – 11 pressure wave intensities are at your service. But even more, layer on 12 vibration settings making a variety of exciting combinations possible. The vibrator's sleek and streamlined body made of skin-friendly silicone makes it easy for you to always stay in control. The approachable design makes it the perfect toy for beginners and also a great gift.

Thanks to its waterproof (IPX7) finish, the vibrator can be taken into the shower or a relaxing full bath. Clean your toy after each use easily with a little warm water and mild soap. With the included USB charging cable you have your new best friend always ready for new lustful adventures.

Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples Clitoral Stimulator & G-Spot Vibrator

The Pro 4 Couples brings Satisfyer Air-Pulse technology to partnered lovemaking: Worn during sex, it stimulates the clitoris with pressure waves, while both partners benefit from vibrations of the insertable silicone shaft meant for G-spot orgasm.


The Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples is a real pleasure for him and her. The mutual stimulation will make you experience your lovemaking even more intensely and provide plenty of variety in your bedroom. Here’s how the couple’s vibrator works: The narrower shaft is inserted into the vagina during lovemaking and, with 10 intensive vibration levels, opens up a pleasurable introduction to an exciting time together. He can also insert his penis so you can enjoy more intense tightness combined with exciting vibrations. And she can also enjoy the additional tightness - because her G-spot experiences extra pressure with this little playmate. Her clitoris is stimulated by the external part of the vibrator with powerful pressure waves, providing the ultimate pleasure. Enjoy a passionate time and breathtaking orgasms like never before with this clit vibrator.

The Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples is not only unique in terms of its technology, it also has a lot of other benefits. You can control the vibration and pressure wave intensity separately and choose from a number of different combination options - it’s never been so easy to add variety to your love life. And the whisper-quiet motors ensure undisturbed pleasure.

There are no limits to your creativity when choosing a location for your mutual climaxes because the Pro 4 Couples is waterproof (IPX7), so it’s perfect for a romantic whirlpool or a shower. After use, it can be cleaned easily with lukewarm water and soap or a disinfectant sexual wellness device cleaner. When your Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples is exhausted, you can easily charge it in an environmentally friendly way with the included USB magnetic cable so it’s ready to go again.
What are you waiting for? The Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples is looking forward to meeting you.

Satisfyer Supernova Clitoral Stimulator & G-Spot Vibrator

The Satisfyer Supernova seduces the clitoris with sensual air-pulse waves while stimulating the G-spot with powerful vibes. Thanks to the flexible chain joint, the silicone vibrator adapts to your anatomy to delight you with perfect stimulation.


Our rabbit has received an upgrade in the Satisfyer Supernova: This vibrator adapts to your contours to give you unique pleasure. While the elegantly curved shaft massages your G-spot with penetrating vibrations, the pressure waves from the outside ensure deep clitoral stimulation. Thanks to the silicone flex technology and a chain joint on the inside, you can easily adjust the Satisfyer Supernova so that your pressure wave vibrator hits your hot spot perfectly and transmits its vibrations particularly intensely. The handle is also wide enough to ensure you don’t lose your grip.
The two powerful motors can also be controlled independently of one other, while 10 different vibration programs and 11 intensities offer countless combination options and varied pleasures.

The Satisfyer Supernova is made from medical-grade silicone, so delicately caresses your erogenous zones from the inside and outside. Its waterproof finish (IPX7) also makes it suitable for use in the shower or bathtub, so you can still enjoy yourself when things get wet.
After use, you can easily clean the vibrator with lukewarm water and a toy cleaner. The USB charging cable provided also ensures that it’s quickly ready for passionate pleasures whenever you need it again.

Satisfyer Pro Plus Pro 1+ Clitoral Stimulator & Vibrator

The Pro 1+ combines our coveted, stimulating Air-Pulse Technology with sensual vibrations, gifting you an incomparable pleasure experience! Its ergonomic rounded body perfectly contours to treat your most intimate parts to unparalleled bliss.


This ergonomically shaped clit vibrator will enchant you with a breathtaking combination of pressure waves and vibration. The gentle to powerful pressure waves stimulate your clitoris while tingling vibrations create waves of excitement.
Just place the delicate silicone attachment on your pleasure pearl and enjoy the contactless stimulation of the Satisfyer Pro 1+. Choose from 11 intensity levels for pressure waves and 10 vibration programmes and make every erotic hour with yourself a unique experience. The pressure waves can be switched on with the ON button and are easy to control using the plus and minus buttons. The vibrations are controlled separately, so you can choose from a variety of combinations. The Satisfyer Pro 1+ is waterproof (IPX7) and offers you the freedom to choose where you want to play - whether it’s in the bathtub or in the bedroom, your playmate is ready when you need it.

The Satisfyer Pro 1+ is equipped with integrated rechargeable batteries that you can easily charge with the included magnetic USB charging cable. After using your device - preferably with a Satisfyer lubricant - you can easily clean it with soap and water or a sexual wellness device cleaner. The attachment made of skin-friendly and velvety soft silicone is very easy to clean and can be replaced if necessary. Get the Satisfyer Pro 1+ now and experience climaxes you’ll never forget!

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